Boxed MURDER MYSTERY GAME Body on the Beach ET17272656

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    • Boxed MURDER MYSTERY GAME Body on the Beach ET17272656
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A murder mystery game by Murderous Acts!

Exciting and fun murder mystery games with full and amusing scripts and ‘real’, three-dimensional, tangible clues.

A murder mystery game set on a peaceful exotic island.

On the beautiful island of Sainte Allure, set in the Indian Ocean, Irish-Italian fashion merchandiser, Shelagh Vanutha, is hosting a beach party. This glorious occasion is suddenly interrupted by a piercing scream, when Shelagh’s body is discovered! She’s been drugged and left to die from heat exhaustion and dehydration!

‘Shelagh didn’t discuss her personal life with even her closest friends … her desire for mystery may have led to her downfall!’

The Characters in this Murder Mystery Game
Isla Vanutha
Bernie Back
Coral Reefe
Sandy Shorts
Sue Venir
I Ambrown
Shelly Beech
Ander Atowl
Lotta Fish
Willy Tan

The stock photographs used in this listing of the characters/murder suspects/murder victims in the murder mystery games are used for illustrative purposes only and are posed by models.

Contents of this Murder Mystery Game
Party Instructions to the Host
10 Invitations/envelopes
10 Character Labels
10 Character Booklets
10 Scripts
10 envelopes containing Clues
1 CD

A murder mystery game for 10 players: 5 men and 5 women.

A long murder mystery game intended for all afternoon entertainment, lasting a minimum of 4½ hours. Here's a preview ...

Sue Venir: Gawd! I’d never’ve expected nuffin’ like this to ‘appen ‘ere! In Befnal Green, yeah, but not ‘ere! Though yer’d never die from ‘eat exhaustion or de’ydration in Befnal! It’s too bloody cold and wet!

Ander Atowl: Well, she didn’t ‘just’ die from heat exhaustion or dehydration! It looks like she was drugged first! Normally, if you’re lying in the sun and you get hot, you get up, find some shade and get a drink ... unless you can’t wake up, of course! This looks like it was premeditated!

Coral Reefe: Premeditated?! No?! That’s awful!

Isla Vanutha: God! Who on Earth would do such a thing?! I need another vodka!

Lotta Fish: Getting even more sloshed isn’t gonna help, Isla! It looks like it’s one of us though!

Shelly Beech: Right under our noses! This island’s losing its charm!

And the murder mystery game continues ...

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Boxed MURDER MYSTERY GAME Body on the Beach ET17272656